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Socho Aur Amir Bano in Bengali (চিন্তা করুন এবং ধনী হন) (Bengali Translation of  Think And Grow Rich)

Napoleon Hill

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Completed on 23 May 2023
ISBN : 9788128831836
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A classic by Napoleon Hill and still, the top selling book in its genre, it teaches you how you can acquire riches!Hill talks about twelve steps that one needs to take to become rich. He has gone deeply into thought process, sex, romance, fear, subconscious mind and the apt age for achieving success, among other things, as the methods for acquiring wealth. He has quoted examples in plenty. He has given ideas in a plain, benign form so that even a youngster would be able to understand them. Thus, Hill says (we quote): "Knowledge will not attract money unless it is organized and intelligently directed. . . to the definite end of accumulation of money. "He goes on to state that if we concentrate our mind on a material thing or money, circumstances would become conducive to help us acquire that coveted item. You should read this book, not only to earn money, but also to start looking at life from a positive viewpoint. So, our pragmatic advice is ? read this book and grow rich, besides becoming wise! Read more 

Socho Aur Amir Bano in Bengali cintaa krun ebN dhnii hn Bengali Translation of Think And Grow Rich


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